Thursday, March 12, 2020

Making a Difference

Whenever I visit a town or city, I despair at the ever increasing numbers of people living on the streets. No home, no hope. Of course, I try to help out, buying hot drinks or food, but it's not possible to help everyone in this way. A plan formed in my mind, to do something that could make more of a difference, but what? The idea of running long distance came into my head. Could I do it? I'm too old, surely to take this up as a hobby? As a younger friend said, 'at your age, most people are taking up crown green bowling' (Thanks Gaz).

I have never been a runner, never enjoyed running much, preferring to keep fit through sports, football (retired years ago with dodgy knees) and cricket (much more sedate) so the idea, the thought of completing The Great North Run came into my head. To add to the madness, I have been suffering from a hip/abdomen injury since August 2019 and am still having physiotherapy for this

I gained a place running to raise funds for Shelter. ( and my training adventure starts here...follow my training as I try to go from no running at all for 7 months to half marathon...

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