Thursday, March 12, 2020


This may be a busy I start training, I have been having Physio for a long standing abdominal injury and also have weakness in the glutes and hip abductor muscles. Sometimes, running just hurts. That's how it is, it's only a bit of pain.

And here we are...18/3/2020...a day that will be remembered as the day they closed the schools. While all the difficult decisions were being made and the amazing school leaders were unpicking whatever meaning they could from Boris and Gavin's pronouncements (why both at the same time? Is it just me or was that a bit weird?), I went off to clear my thoughts with a run. Decent warm up, nice evening, let's see what happens. Truth here is that I never felt right. Pain in the troublesome glute (usually eases after 3/4km) was accompanied by a pain in my left calf...felt it early on in the run.

Of course, anyone with any sense would stop, go home and leave it...but me? No, old habits do die hard and through football and cricket, the old 'run it off' adage came into play. I'll run through it and it'll be right. I do have a high pain threshold, and once (not THAT long ago), broke my arm playing football. That was in the first half. I finished the game, drove home and went to work the next day before a colleague suggested my arm was at a jaunty angle and maybe someone should take me to hospital! So, of course, I'll run it off. Today, I didn't and for once took the sensible option of  cutting short what I had planned and after about 6k, called it a day. Time was OK at 35 minutes, but going to need to rest this for a while. Feels like a very minor muscle strain tonight, nothing major but maybe a lesson. If it hurts, stop. Or...don't sit on your backside from 7am until 5pm without moving and expect running to be OK.

Either way, I'm feeling philosophical. It's nothing major, I've no Coronavirus and while the whole world is floundering with this...I carry on trying to make a difference.

Keep safe everyone, tough times ahead and we all need to be kind to each other.

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