Saturday, March 28, 2020


Should I stop training? 

There are so many mixed messages going around at the moment.

Stay at home
Don't go out
Go out
Do exercise...once a day

I have wrangled massively with the morality of carrying on training while all this is going on. Should I run? How can I socially distance from other runners? What about if people are out for a walk? Just don't want to do the wrong thing. Difficult thing is, I'm not a young skinny 18 year old who can turn fitness on and off like a tap. If I do nothing, I gain weight easily, my BMR is ridiculously low and resting pulse is about 51/52 generally (as I type and look at this, my watch is saying 52) so I can't afford much 'time off'. Too many people have donated, too many people are behind me...failure is not an option.

So...I plan routes where I am unlikely to encounter any people. I plan routes where if I do encounter others, I can safely run in the road or easily cross to the other side. Main roads (A59) is best currently. A grass verge when cars comes and nobody else running there. Perfect. No fields, as I read that people should be avoiding public footpaths through fields if possible.

So yes, I am still training because I think it's the right thing to do. I need to get out as much as is safe and I am certain that when out I am making every possible effort to ensure that social distancing is taking place. There will be people out there who think that I should just stop for a few weeks, but health is about more than the exercise, health is about mental wellbeing and escaping from the reality of being caught in the middle of this.

I have also slowed down on the updates, on the blog, Instagram, Twitter posts. Of course, I do still want and need the financial support. Homelessness potentially will be an even bigger issue when this blows over, so Shelter will absolutely need every penny they can get. That said, easing off on these things at the moment is a deliberate choice as people have other more pressing issues that concern them right now.

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