Thursday, March 12, 2020

5k runs

Advice I have received suggests that regular 5-8km runs will be good for me...

So, last Saturday I set off for my first measured 5k run ever. That means a personal best is inevitable! I have a target time in mind, of 30 minutes. It's a straight run, uphill there, downhill on the way back, so I guess 16 minutes there, 14 minutes back is realistic, but the hills are steep and I am nearly 17 minutes on the first leg, which leaves me having to step it up a gear on the return leg, which is mainly a long foot down, let's see what happened.

So, happy or disappointed? Not sure,  but it is a personal best!!! Three days later, I go for the identical run...get to the top in 15:15 but have some real soreness in the hip whenever I lengthen my stride to increase the pace. I glance at my watch with about 400 meters to go and it is on just over 28 minutes, with a nice downhill sprint finish, I'm comfortable...hit stop on the watch...

Another PB!!!

This time I am happy. 6 minutes per km, even allowing for a stiff hip. Next run is going to be a longer one. Those are the ones I now worry about. That is going to be Friday, will let you know how it goes.

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